No business owner likes it when their business receives bad publicity or bad reviews. Negative criticisms and bad online reviews can hurt your business’ reputation which may cause potential customers to think twice before doing business with you. Unfortunately, despite many efforts to make all your customers happy, negative reviews still happen, and in most cases, they tend to feel personal. More and more potential customers these days use customer reviews to help them make a buying decision which means that bad reviews can cost you thousands of dollars in lost business.

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

The secret to dealing with a bad review is never to panic but instead, acknowledge it as ignoring it may push the reviewer to vent even harder. Other customers who see a bad review about your business will think that your failure to respond promptly is an admission of guilt plus leaving a bad online review unanswered may be even worse than the review itself. Even if you feel that the customer is unreasonable, you will need to keep calm and respond to the customer. Reacting with anger and hostility will not help as other potential customers are also watching and they are keen to see how you respond.

A bad online review presents you with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills in customer service, and if you are able to do so effectively, customers will be more attracted to your brand. Try to come up with ways of making things right with your unhappy customers which begins with offering a solution to the customer who is complaining. Bad reviews also provide an opportunity for you to explain to your customers the things that make your business great. For instance, you can respond by saying that your business has been in operation for over ten years and you have managed to maintain a 100 percent satisfaction score from your clients.

Show your customers that you have a reputation for excellence and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. It will also be a good idea to request the unhappy customer to speak with you in private or over the phone where possible so that you can make things right with them rather than airing your dirty linen for all to see. Great customer service can help you win a lot of positive reviews that can offset the negative ones.

How To Stop Bad Online Reviews

Sometimes prevention is better than cure; if you are looking for effective ways to help you stop the bad online reviews that can hurt your local business, we have a solution for you. We have a system that helps local businesses collect reviews and helps stop the negative ones from posting. We understand that bad reviews can hurt any local business by damaging its online reputation hence not having a system in place to help you collect good reviews while stopping the bad ones will put your local business at risk.

Our system is designed to give your customers a chance to vent before heading online to leave a bad review. Customers share their experience including where they thought you went wrong so that you can have an opportunity to rectify and make it right.

This system is created and fully managed by