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Common  Questions

Do reviews increase my website ranking and overall SEO of my website?

Yes, reviews can be very powerful. Multiple positive reviews help prove to Google that your company has a good reputation and authority in your industry. Additionally, reviews can help overall SEO in a direct way. For example, if you are receiving numerous positive reviews, it is more likely users will notice this within their Google search and be more willing to visit your website. An increase in website visits will help your SEO, an indirect benefit of positive reviews.

How can I increase my reviews?

Our system makes it easy to collect reviews. Simply share your scan badge at the time of service to get more reviews. You can also email your custom link to your customers.

Will my reviews show up on my website?

Yes, we provide a unique scrip you add to your website. All the reviews you collect will show up on your website for the public to see.

Do I get a report on where my reviews are coming from?

Yes, you will get a monthly report showing you where all your reviews are coming from. This will allow to focus on platforms that could be improved.

Are there any contracts for this services?

No, we don’t have any contracts. We don’t believe in locking business owners as we know things can come up where they may need to make financial adjustments.

Where do bad reviews go?

If someone elects to leave a bad review in your portal, it will go to the person email address who’s in charge of correcting problems with services or products.

This will give you an opportunity to fix an issue.